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The Dodge Ram – Now and Forever

Posted on October 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

Rams (the animal, not the truck) are famous for their massive, curled horns, which often weigh more than all of the bones in their body combined. The horns are a symbol of status and are used as weapons when fighting for dominance and mating rights. With plenty of fish in the sea, modern man doesn’t have to work as hard for attention from the opposite sex…but he still has a job to get done. So, when Dodge named their pickup after this virtually unstoppable animal, it was clear this was a pickup that meant business.

Rams (the truck, not the animal) first appeared on the market in 1981, and they were named after the Ram hood ornament present on Dodge cars since the 1930s. Dodge used “150” to indicate a half-ton truck, “250” for a three-quarter-ton and “350” for one-ton, similar to the numerical system used by Ford’s F-Series pickups. Standard cab, “Club” extended cab, and crew cab versions were offered in either 6′ 6″ or 8′ bed lengths. First generation Rams were based on the previous Dodge D-Series pickups but incorporated larger wraparound tail lamps, single rectangular headlamps and squared-off body lines. The interior was refurbished with a more modern dash and instrument panel, and it even used an updated bench seat.

Despite the name, the Ram didn’t really live up to its name in the marketplace. Though popular with fleets, they sold poorly in comparison to the Ford F-Series and General Motors’ C/K Trucks, selling just under 100,000 units per year throughout their production – something many attribute to the dated cab and chassis design and the lackluster interior.

But like anything, the Ram has its enthusiasts. And, many of them found aftermarket Ram parts the ideal solution to upgrade the components often lacking in manufacturer design.

Of the many Ram parts available, one of the easiest and most affordable is the addition of a performance-grade Ram air filter. Air filters allow air to pass through the engine more efficiently and are also reusable, saving on maintenance costs while providing a boost to your fuel efficiency of 1 – 3 mpg on average. Many Ram air filters also come in a cold air variety, further increasing horsepower by feeding air from behind an air dam. And, for even more bump to your intake, try a Ram throttle body spacer, adding performance through a high-velocity spin imposed on the incoming air.

For those who’ve toughened-up the exterior, a Ram lift kit delivers up to 3″ of extra height for more ground clearance and more room for larger tires. Custom configured to each make, model and year, a Ram lift kit is engineered to bolt directly onto your stock suspension with no welding, chopping or fabricating required-just mount the torsion keys, spacers, caps or blocks, and you’re on top.

Finally, for those who’ve spent any time or money at all preserving their body line, a Dodge Ram cover can protect your resale value by preventing rain and other harsh elements from destroying your finish. Made of durable, weatherproof fabrics, Dodge Ram covers are custom-tailored to your truck for the perfect fit, and they come in varying levels of thickness to prevent scratches and dings.

Dodge Sprinter Offers Great MPG

Posted on October 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Times are tough and fuel prices are high, but some of us can’t transport all we need to transport in a fuel-efficient economy car. Luckily, we don’t have to, because Dodge Sprinter offers an average city MPG in the upper-20s, which is great for a cargo/passenger van of its size. Though, admittedly, it is no Prius in fuel efficiency, it offers the passenger capacity to handle large church or school groups in comfort, or enough cargo capacity to make any plumber, painter, contractor or flower delivery person happy as can be-all of which a Prius cannot offer.

According to Car and Driver, the Sprinter 2500 diesel passenger van offers 26 city MPG and 30 highway MPG, combined with the ability to carry up to 12 passengers comfortably, Sprinter blows its competition out of the fuel-efficiency waters. The GMC Savanna offers 13 City MPG and 16 Hwy MPG according to recent EPA figures, and the popular Chevrolet Express offers the same.

Sprinter’s main cargo van competitors are also the GMC Savanna, and Chevy Express, along with the popular Ford E series, all averaging 12 MPG compared to Sprinter’s upper-20s. Much of the fuel efficiency comes from its diesel powered engine. In the past, diesel engines emitted an unpleasant odor and black smoke that made them undesirable to many, but today’s diesel engines burn much cleaner and no longer produce these unpleasant effects. Of course, Sprinter also offers a gasoline engine, though the fuel efficiency will not be a good, it will have a little more get-up-and-go than the diesel model.

As hybrid engines gain popularity in smaller cars, such as the Toyota Prius, they are still very much in the development stage in cargo and passenger vans. Chevrolet has announced they will offer a 2009 hybrid Silverado, the only full-sized hybrid truck set for release as of yet, but no hybrid cargo or passenger vans are yet on the horizon. So, as of yet, Dodge Sprinter still stands as the most fuel efficient vehicle of its class.

Sprinter offers numerous options, which makes creating the van to best fit your needs a snap. It offers up to 547 cubic feet of cargo space, or seating up to 12 passengers in the passenger variety. It also offers a taller body than other vans, allowing one to stand up inside. And though they tend to look utilitarian and top-heavy, they handle like a much smaller vehicle, and provide ample safety features such as traction control, anti-lock breaks, and braking distribution regulators.

A great, fuel efficient option for large families, church organizations, and schools, as well as plumbers, contractors, caterers and other businesses, Dodge Sprinter offers unbeatable cargo and passenger space and will save you money at the gas tank. So why not have it all, fuel-efficiency and a roomy interior to accommodate all your transportation needs. Until bio-fuels become more attainable and hybrids are developed in larger vehicle classes, Sprinter offers the most fuel efficient van of its class.

Helping Online Business Through Paid Surveys

Posted on October 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

The attention regarding consumer surveys has mostly focused on the consumer end, specifically how one can receive bonuses and gifts, and make money off taking surveys for the Fortune 500 firms. This aspect of paid surveys has been widely discussed, proof of which are the numerous online reports and eBooks tackling the profitable online niche of paid survey jobs. Consumer feedback utilization is the aspect often ignored. This goes for direct responses and surveys, and using them for online business development, optimization and expansion.

Pondering Paid Surveys To Improve Online Business
Internet entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. Aside from the huge competition in cyberspace, their reputation is constantly threatened by countless online scams and pyramid schemes. Given the unpleasant environment created by such websites, web business owners often find themselves on the defensive, unable to promote themselves as they’re too busy dodging unfounded allegations. Nobody looks forward to dealing with such stuff. In fact, ebusiness owners and marketers should not have to.

Consumers can earn big bucks via online surveys. Everybody knows that. Success stories on the matter are well-documented. Nevertheless, these paid surveys have another powerful purpose: they’re capable of creating extremely targeted consumer feedbacks for marketers and companies online. Whether you’re an online store owner, transact on eBay or promote someone else’s products, online surveys can help with your business.

You need to understand customer feedback aspect of surveys to appreciate the benefits it produces. It has to do with knowing the survey dynamics for a particular corporation or company. This enables you to see the important role customer feedback plays.

When you’re there in the trenches of a business, you tend to lose sight of the product. Maybe it’s exposure, being too close plus other psychological reasons. You start viewing the product differently from a regular consumer. Although this diminishes your capacity to supply feedback on a business you own, it also frees you to develop original info and perspective for firms requiring feedback.

Being able to analyze feedback generated by the two sides allows you to comprehend more fully the system and issues. Few Internet workers can admit to the same. This special skill separates you from the rest of the pack. There’s now the opportunity for marketing yourself as someone with an extraordinary ability. You can use this talent for offering your services to other firms needing survey takers or for an Internet business you own. Tap into this talent to drum up significant demand for yourself and improve online earnings through info and feedback.

Surveys count among those feedback types that either deliver great value or just squander time. The true beauty of the paid survey only shows itself when there’s a highly targeted crowd that’s able to give reliable critical feedback. The right questions will provide helpful insight so be sure to choose wisely. In picking the wrong set of queries, you wind up wasting money and time to market things that are not even enhanced properly.