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Are There Really 10 Edmonton Area Dodge Dealers and Are They All the Same?

Posted on November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Did you know there are more than 10 Dodge dealers in the Edmonton area?

What’s the difference between them?

On the surface, not much…

They all stock the same inventory, manufactured by the same people, on the same assembly lines, in the same plants.

They all pay exactly the same wholesale price to the manufacturer.

They all offer the same financing options from the same banks.

They all sell for about the same price.

They all sell to the same people.

All the stores look pretty much the same, inside and out.

All the cars and trucks look the same, because they are, exactly the same.

So… you’re buying a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler

How do you decide which dealer to buy from?

One place to start might be talking to others who have purchase from the dealer or dealers you are considering. Search online for testimonials. Ask the dealer for referrals. You would never consider going to a Doctor or Dentist without first talking to someone who knows them, picking a car dealer should be no different.

Buying a car is the second biggest purchase most Albertans make. I meet people every week who share stories of how they rushed into a purchase decision at some point in their life and regretted it later. Best advice I can give is to just slow down.

I don’t expect anyone to buy from my business before I have earned their trust. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel pressured to “sign on the line” run, don’t walk, to the exit. Sleep on it. The deal will still be there in the morning.

Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering how I build trust with my customers, when asked a question, I am completely candid, even when I know what I am saying may not be popular.

To be clear, I do not say or do whatever it takes to sell a car.

Bottom line; when deciding which dealer to go with, do your research, take your time, ask plenty of questions and don’t let anyone talk you into buying more car than you want or need.

Here is a list of the 10+ Edmonton area Dodge Dealers:

1. Sherwood Park Dodge
2. Grove Dodge
3. Great West Chrysler
4. Derrick Dodge
5. Capital Jeep
6. Londonderry Dodge
7. Southtown Chrysler
8. Crosstown Chrysler
9. St. Albert Dodge
10. Stony Plain Chrysler
11. Leduc Chrysler
12. Crystal Chrysler

Are all Dodge dealers in Edmonton the same?

Yes, the dealerships are the same. The only difference will be their business philosophy and the people who work there.

Scott Held

A Tale of the American Phoenix – The Rebirth of Dodge Vehicles

Posted on October 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are precious few companies that have touched the American psyche as Dodge has, and there may be a reason why. Dodge is known to be an automobile maker that exists at the cross-section of affordability and performance, a nexus that combines elements of the American dream and common sense. Not wanting to be confused with its American counterparts Chevy and Ford, Dodge managed to infuse this nexus with its own unique attitude, one exemplified by the early 1990s slogan taken from Thomas Paine: Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

America’s unique needs and recent history have impacted Dodge very directly. The original Charger and Challenger vehicles kept the Detroit automaker busy within the industry for years. After some time, the vehicles were retired as the company went in another direction. The Dodge Magnum made its debut early on, as well, although the design was very different from both the Charger and Challenger. It, too, was retired.

The Magnum was revived from 2005 to 2008. The original Challenger and Charger were then reinvented in recent years. The rebirth of the Charger and Challenger vehicles from previous models sent a ripple of excitement through the classic muscle car enthusiast population, but the Magnum was also well known on the market as the reincarnation of the station wagon for families with children. The company’s emphasis on strong motors put the vehicle back into the hands of American consumers who were lusting for powerful yet practical automobiles with extra room for the kids.

The classic colors that were popular with consumers in the 1960s and ’70s have made a comeback as well. The retro look of orange, green and yellow cars have grown up a little bit over the years and are still eye-catching and reminiscent of the former car colors.

Although the reborn Charger and Challenger have retained the sporty look and powerful engines that gained them a cult following of sorts decades ago, they have targeted comfort and a smooth ride as improvements in the models. Unlike the Magnum, they largely resemble their forefathers. The new attitude station wagon has little resemblance to the coupe that helped make Richard Petty famous in the old-style B body except for its name and a comfortable back seat.

For Dodge fans, finding a used Dodge Magnum and a new or used Challenger and Charger make car shopping more of an adventure and even a bit of a history lesson.

Chicago Dodge Dealer

Posted on October 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

America’s Second City – Chicago, possesses a populace of varied demographics and is renowned as a center of advanced learning. This fabulous city provides you the very best the United States has to offer. Chicago is a great place to visit and if you live there, it’s not only a wonderful town to live in but also an outstanding location for business. It delivers fantastic quality of living, features the most balanced overall economy in the nation, is a hub for enterprise as well as finance, and is recognized to be one of the worldwide top financial cities. Chicago is residence to roughly 3 million individuals, and its extended metropolitan region, informally known by the name of “Chicagoland”, has a population of nearly 10 million residents. If you are a Chicago Dodge dealer, it is certain that your business venture has a good opportunity to be excellent, yet it needs to be recognized that your main levels of competition too will certainly be just as fearsome. Carry on reading in order to find out about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of being a Dodge dealer in Chicago, as well as the methods which you will need to implement in order to assure the long life and success of your business.

The possible perks of being a Dodge dealer in Chicago are pretty clear. Chicago possesses a considerable population, and the need for cars is consequently sure to be just as substantial. The Chicago Dodge dealer sector can be highly rewarding and the likelihood of generating large revenue is significant. In the event that you work really hard and make use of suitable strategies, your business should unquestionably do extremely well.

Why don’t we now look at a few numbers? As pointed out previously, Chicago has nearly 3 million inhabitants and the Chicago metropolitan area is home to roughly 10 million people. At this time there are about 6,000 car dealerships in Chicago and about 10,000 in the extended metropolitan area, this includes Chicago proper. Close to 200,000 cars are purchased in Chicago each calendar year, and the corresponding approximate number for the Chicago metropolitan region is 600,000. This demonstrates that on an average, a Chicago Dodge dealer can count on transacting business of fewer than four cars a month. In truth, what transpires is that fewer than one fifth of the car dealers generate nearly eight out of every ten car sales made in the city. As a consequence, the remaining dealers wind up battling for whatever is left. Hence the main pitfall of being a Chicago Dodge dealer is that the sector is extremely saturated. The market is extremely and the majority of the car merchants are compelled to struggle for their livelihood.

An additional drawback that car dealers have to labor against is that trust is in short supply in the automobile dealership industry. Vehicle dealers have been given a bad name because of the misdeeds of a tiny section of their colleagues. It requires a long time to gain the trust of new clients.

Regardless of these issues, there is no reason why you can’t be successful as a Chicago Dodge dealer when you make use of the appropriate strategies. The first method is to adopt internet technologies and take advantage of the potential of the internet. You must first have a business web site developed by a web developer, in case you have not done so by now. Your business site must have your company address, telephone numbers and e-mail address, as well as the particulars of the products and services you offer. It should also include a contact form in which prospective clients may request for information. Make sure that you check your e-mail a number of times a day and respond to all inquiries swiftly and professionally.

Next, you will need to employ a Search engine optimization expert and make certain that your business web site has a high ranking on the front page of the important search engines with respect to your local search phrases. This is crucial and may help to make the difference between only three cars retailed each month and thirty. Finally, employ excellent sales staff. Coach them well and preserve an organizational tradition of credibility and putting the buyer first. Build up your track record over time and make certain that your clients continue to return to you for business.

Unquestionably, being a Chicago Dodge dealer is challenging. Should you stick to these easy strategies, you will surely be successful and profit well.