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Dodge City Kansas and a Little Bit of History For the US Traveler

Posted on November 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Dodge City Kansas is a famous old western town. Dodge City is located in Ford County, KS. The down town area is totally revitalized. There are a couple of large industries there and a huge Stock Yard, and Auction. There in town are the HQ’s for Excel Corporation (processed beef) and National Beef, Inc employing about 5000 and more in peak season. Cattle are brought in from the entire Midwest and as far as Canada to be sold and go to market, except during the Mad Cow, BSE cattle were discovered in Canada.

Dodge City also has Oil under it, that is right “Black Gold” and lots of it. It also is one of the fastest growing populations of Hispanic People in all of the Midwest as a percentage of population. Many have set up small businesses using SBA loans and are proving their intense drive and industriousness. Also driving the economy there is the automotive dealerships selling cars to people as far away as Colorado, and Oklahoma. Nearly number one in per capita car sales beating out it’s nearby big city neighbor of Wichita KS. We visited the Chamber of Commerce and learned of the new tourist revitalization of the down town area, Carnegie Library, Boot Hill Museum, and even it’s own professional basketball team. Recently they have built a 1/5 mile race track for many national race car events from the 1% sales tax recently instated. Many of you have heard of the Dodge City Days a 10 day event and official PRCA Rodeo.

Dodge City seems to be just right for any small service business, we knew it when we drove into town to park the big horse, and were pleasantly surprised to find inexpensive labor, 24 trucking companies, Santa Fe Rail yard, regional airport, and tour bus companies. Even more interesting is the 256 plus sunny days a year with decent weather year round and still with adequate water supply during this continuing drought.

Dodge City one of the oldest Midwest towns still carries on the tradition, and it is growing steady with good folks. It is definitely worth a look see if you are thinking of moving to a Midwestern town.