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Dodge Parts: Numero Uno

Posted on October 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Trusted racing manufacturer Dodge no doubt still leads today’s racing automotive industry. With its powerful race cars built for top speed and driving quality, it’s no wonder Dodge is still up there in the top place. Beyond the racing league, the Dodge name also means large and powerful trucks. In fact, this is what often springs to mind when the Dodge name is mentioned: powerful trucks. But aside from their heavy trucks and racing autos, Dodge is also known for its smaller but equally powerful and muscular automobiles like their sedans. Despite the rise of many automobile manufacturers in the past several years, Dodge has managed to maintain its standing at the top.

Dodge, however, did not enter the automotive business with a grand entrance. Like most auto parts manufacturers, it started from a small company and only became big in the process. Dodge brothers John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge set up the Dodge Brothers Bicycle & Machine Factory in 1901. The company was manufacturing Dodge parts essential to early automotives when it entered partnership with Ford. After several years, the Dodge brothers decided to produce their own cars. Finally, on December 14, 1914, the first ever Dodge automobile was produced.

With the big competitors already existing when it entered the biz, the plight to success wasn’t an easy road. But the challenge and tight competition was all the push and motivation that Dodge needed to struggle hard and produce exemplified and innovative autos and auto parts. With its great innovations and dedication, Dodge achieved top status and remains to be one of the industry’s most successful auto manufacturers.

At present, Dodge is part of the Daimler-Chrysler company, and there are various vehicles in the market today bearing the Dodge brand, in addition to the Dodge classics. Top models of today include the Neon, Stratus, Magnum, Viper, Durango, Ram Truck, Sprinter, and Caravan. One thing’s assured: be it a classic Dodge or a modern model, you can be sure of top quality when it bears the Dodge logo.

As mentioned, lots of different types of Dodge cars and trucks can be found in the market today, but, even a larger number of Dodge parts that suit each type of Dodge auto exist. Whether it’s a Dodge sedan, Dodge compact car, Dodge truck or Dodge sports car you have, you can be sure it’s set up with only top quality parts, and when the need for replacement comes, Dodge parts in the OEM and aftermarket business abound. Even if your Dodge car is old or new, worry not as there’s never a scarcity in replacement or restoration Dodge parts. You can now have your much-needed Dodge part without exerting much effort to look for that single part. All you need to do is install the Dodge part you need to keep your Dodge pride up and running.

Just remember that proper care and maintenance of your Dodge vehicle is important to make sure its individual parts are functioning well. Since you own a champion with your Dodge, make sure you treat it like a champion.