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Helping Online Business Through Paid Surveys

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The attention regarding consumer surveys has mostly focused on the consumer end, specifically how one can receive bonuses and gifts, and make money off taking surveys for the Fortune 500 firms. This aspect of paid surveys has been widely discussed, proof of which are the numerous online reports and eBooks tackling the profitable online niche of paid survey jobs. Consumer feedback utilization is the aspect often ignored. This goes for direct responses and surveys, and using them for online business development, optimization and expansion.

Pondering Paid Surveys To Improve Online Business
Internet entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. Aside from the huge competition in cyberspace, their reputation is constantly threatened by countless online scams and pyramid schemes. Given the unpleasant environment created by such websites, web business owners often find themselves on the defensive, unable to promote themselves as they’re too busy dodging unfounded allegations. Nobody looks forward to dealing with such stuff. In fact, ebusiness owners and marketers should not have to.

Consumers can earn big bucks via online surveys. Everybody knows that. Success stories on the matter are well-documented. Nevertheless, these paid surveys have another powerful purpose: they’re capable of creating extremely targeted consumer feedbacks for marketers and companies online. Whether you’re an online store owner, transact on eBay or promote someone else’s products, online surveys can help with your business.

You need to understand customer feedback aspect of surveys to appreciate the benefits it produces. It has to do with knowing the survey dynamics for a particular corporation or company. This enables you to see the important role customer feedback plays.

When you’re there in the trenches of a business, you tend to lose sight of the product. Maybe it’s exposure, being too close plus other psychological reasons. You start viewing the product differently from a regular consumer. Although this diminishes your capacity to supply feedback on a business you own, it also frees you to develop original info and perspective for firms requiring feedback.

Being able to analyze feedback generated by the two sides allows you to comprehend more fully the system and issues. Few Internet workers can admit to the same. This special skill separates you from the rest of the pack. There’s now the opportunity for marketing yourself as someone with an extraordinary ability. You can use this talent for offering your services to other firms needing survey takers or for an Internet business you own. Tap into this talent to drum up significant demand for yourself and improve online earnings through info and feedback.

Surveys count among those feedback types that either deliver great value or just squander time. The true beauty of the paid survey only shows itself when there’s a highly targeted crowd that’s able to give reliable critical feedback. The right questions will provide helpful insight so be sure to choose wisely. In picking the wrong set of queries, you wind up wasting money and time to market things that are not even enhanced properly.

Dodge – Enjoy The Ride

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Dodge is probably one of the familiar car or truck manufacturers under the Chrysler Corporation. The first few days of Dodge may be traced back again on the relocation from the Dodge brothers’ bicycle and machine factory from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan. Their parts had been in necessity particularly for automobiles, so they started supplying the parts for Oldsmobile as soon as they moved. They enjoyed much achievement in this field, and eventually financed the Ford Motor Organization for around a decade.

The brothers sooner or later chose to put their own organization and named it “Dodge Brothers Motor Automobile Company”. With their growing wish to be older, they manufactured models to become pitted against Ford’s. They also manufactured trucks within the past which were purchased through the US federal government in World War I. These automobiles were definitely sold commercially soon after the war.

While using the demise from the brothers, their wives elected long-time staff member Frederick Haynes to run the firm who then regarded as a joint venture while using the Graham Brothers to produce trucks. Unable to survive even with this venture, the widows decided to market the business to investment bankers, Dillon, Reed and Co.

Dillon Reed and Organization bought Dodge in 1925 for $148 million, even so sales nevertheless dropped after close to a number of decades. They sooner or later then decided to look for someone to take over permanently and found Chrysler. They continued to create existing automobile models with minor changes, and in 1930, they dropped the “Brothers” name and advertized their vehicles as “Dodge”.

An innovator from the automotive market, Dodge continued to introduce muscle vehicles inside American current market inside the 60s and 70s. The Charger was then the hottest Dodge manufactured muscle car or truck. Still while using oil crisis of 1973, the business also faced challenges as other manufacturers did in the course of that time. Shoppers demanded and preferred smaller and a lot more fuel-efficient cars in excess of the high-powered muscle cars.

With all the Chrysler’s acquisition of Dodge, it continued to expand its automobile line, with the inclusion of radios and straight-eight engines. Other motor vehicles in the Dodge line up had been also becoming well-liked and its acquisition of Graham Brothers created it the leading producer of light and medium duty trucks.

In 2004, the firm celebrated its 90th anniversary and its dependable trucks and passenger cars were nonetheless highly recognize by shoppers on the market to this day.


Badges That Won the West – Dodge City Marshal’s Badge

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Matt Dillon-that venerable and fictional U.S. Marshall headquartered in Dodge City-was probably a composite of several real lawmen who actually wore a badge and enforced the law in the Kansas cowtown of Dodge City. Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp were two of the more famous lawmen who sought to impose order on the lawless in Dodge City. Both men favored .45 caliber Navy Colt revolvers, though neither had to use them all that often. A reputation for being a fast draw and deadly with a gun was often the best weapon in a town tamer’s arsenal, since it usually made would-be lawbreakers think twice before drawing their own weapons.

Dodge City, Kansas was born June 17, 1872 on the windswept prairie five miles west of the Fort Dodge military reservation. The new settlement consisted of a three-room sod house (built in 1871 by pioneer rancher Henry Sitler), and a barroom in a tent. The location was deliberate: Liquor was prohibited in Fort Dodge, and the fledgling town was located just outside the military preserve. Other businesses soon followed the barroom. On August 15, the town was organized as Buffalo City, but by October had been renamed Dodge City. There was already a Buffalo, Kansas, and the U.S. Post Office had a policy of avoiding duplicate names within the same state to avoid confusion in delivering the mail.

But Ford County, Kansas, where the fledgling town sprang up, was still a wilderness with no government, much less organized law enforcement. The town didn’t even have a sheriff until 1873. Dodge City, itself, was not formally incorporated until 1875–and it was during this two years of anarchy that the town acquired its reputation as a dangerous and violent haven for the lawless.

The military-the only vestige of government in the vicinity–had no jurisdiction outside the fort. To make matters worse, the newly completed Atchison, Santa Fe and Topeka railroad had turned Dodge City into a boomtown with many businesses, including multiple saloons and brothels. Buffalo hunters, railroad workers, cattle drovers and soldiers from the nearby fort fought in the streets, which inevitably led to shootings. Men died with their boots on in quick, violent bursts of gunfire ignited by free-flowing liquor, which led to the creation of a “Boot Hill” cemetery, further fueling the town’s reputation for violence.

The first recorded killing in Dodge City was in September, 1872. During the year that followed, fifteen men would die in the lawless streets and be planted on Boot Hill, giving rise to the city’s reputation as a haven for lawless hooligans and gunslingers. The first attempts at law enforcement were a combination of rough vigilante justice and deputies whose methods were as violent as the lawbreakers.

By 1873, two political factions had arisen in the town–those who wanted the town to remain wide-open to liquor, gambling and prostitution, and those who felt the town’s growing reputation as a violent and dangerous place was bad for business. The law and order crowd won out, and a sheriff was appointed. Charlie Bassett, the appointee, was re-elected in 1875. By that time, the great buffalo slaughter had ended, and the huge revenues flowing into Dodge City from processing and shipping buffalo hides had ended. Longhorn cattle from Texas became the town’s main source of revenue, arriving via the Chisolm and Western Trails to be shipped on to final destinations by rail.

When Charlie Bassett–who began the trend toward more civilized law enforcement in Dodge–could not be elected to a third term according to the state constitution, William B. “Bat” Masterson was elected Ford County sheriff in 1877. Aside from his reputation as a deadly gunman, the dapper Masterson was famous for his derby hat and the gold-tipped cane he adopted after being wounded in a gunfight in 1876-the one and only time he ever actually killed a man in a gunfight.

Order was imposed–as it often was in the Old West–via a city ordinance prohibiting firearms, though the ordinance in Dodge City wasn’t all-inclusive. To pacify the “wide-open” advocates, the railroad tracks became the demarcation line. North of the tracks, no guns could be carried. South of the tracks was still wide-open to booze, madams and mayhem.

Lawrence Deger, the first city marshal of Dodge was appointed by the mayor in 1875. The Dodge City marshal’s office was occupied by a number of men with familiar names in western history, including Wyatt Earp

* (1876-1879) and Bill Tilghman (1884-1886).

* NOTE: Though Wyatt Earp claimed to have served as City Marshal during this time period, and some documents in Dodge City agree with his statement, some historians question whether he ever actually served as a City Marshal in Dodge City.